Rhino conservation with Nkombe Rhino

Rhino conservation with Nkombe Rhino

In April this year, Auto Excellence celebrated 20 years in business, by embarking on a very special project.

Rhino conservation lies very close to our hearts so we decided to spend a weekend with Nkombe Rhino, a special bunch of people doing their utmost to save our precious Rhino’s for generations to come.

It is both sad and very humbling to have been involved in the de-horning of these majestic animals, but at this stage it seems to be the most effective way to save them from being killed for their horns. The illegal trade in Rhino horn has been under the magnifying glass for a long time and it seems like this is the most effective way to save them from extinction.

It was a very early morning start as the rising temperatures later in the day causes stress on the animals so we had to start early and get as much done in the shortest possible time.

Anxious and exited guests were standing around with bated breath not knowing what the day had in store for us. But as soon as the briefing was done and everybody knew exactly what to expect, the adrenalin started flowing.

The dedicated anti poaching teams, veterinarians, chopper pilots and ground crew were waiting for the first spotting from the air, and then it was all systems go! “Dart in” never had so much meaning until now. The professionalism and total respect shown for these animals were humbling to say the least. Everybody knew exactly what to do and except for the machinery working nobody said a word, just tears flowing as you get overwhelmed with emotion. The main aim is protect the animal from any possible harm so all measures are taken to do just that. Blood drawn, Antibiotics administered, eyes covered, ears protected, everything within seconds from being darted. A seamless well planned project to say the least.

Guests were then treated to some amazing wildlife sightings in the afternoon after the adrenalin from the morning had settled. Campfire stories will never be the same again as memories were made for life!

The warm bush veld evenings hosted all patrons to majestic dinners under the African stars, celebrating 20 years of Auto Excellence, a business that have grown into a Brand.

Here’s to 20 more!! Happy Birthday Auto Excellence.

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